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Oh Nomar, Nomar! Wherefore art though, Nomar?

Nomar is great, a wonderful sportsman, and he is just not hitting the ball. I hate to say this, because I love watching him play but Loney has to start at least half the games. Slugging .338 is just not on for the number three hitter.

So let’s give Loney some starts, many of them, as long as he is hitting. When Nomar bats, where should he be in the lineup? Number 2 of course. When Nomar plays, Kemp should be in centerfield batting 6th. Russell Martin should always bat third. (I know, I know, batting order doesn’t matter much, but Martin will get the most runs out of the extra at bats.)

The Dodgers are doing well, but they don’t quite look like World Series winners. Let the kids hit and they will.