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How To Not Score Runs

Pierre sacrifices Furcal to second. Ethier doubles. Had Pierre got on base too then the double would have been a two run double, not a one-run double. Then Gonzo gets caught stealing to end an inning. In the next inning Martin Homers in the leadoff at bat a solo shot instead of a two-run homer.

Trying to manufacture a run costs the Dodgers 2 runs. The Dodgers lose the game by one run.

Makes you want to weep…


Winning Again

… two in a row. Getting there. Nice to see Kent back hitting doubles.

And I have to admit Pierre is getting hits. I wouldn’t play him more than the other outfielders,  but he is getting some hits.

Ethier, please

You would think that with the team struggling offensively, you would give someone who is slugging .667 in August a spot at the top of the lineup and would start that person every game.

I am speaking of Andre Ethier of course.

For the love of Peter, what is going on?

If I Were Manager Tonight I’d Have a Laugh

Things are so bad it is time to have a laugh. I would assign positions randomly. Tomko would start the game, but not necessarily pitching – maybe second base. Maybe Matt Kemp would like to catch a game. Who knows? Avoid situations that could cause injury. Tomko would pitch at least from the second inning on. But maybe Martin would like to pitch a big-league inning.

The batting order would get pulled from a hat too.

I would play an inning where every batter is given the bunt sign.

I would play an inning where the batters have to swing for a home run on every single pitch, no matter where it is thrown.

Go out there and have a laugh. No somber conversations. No inspiring speeches. Go have a laugh. Be silly.

Then come back tomorrow and pretend August didn’t happen.

Future Tense

The two positions the Dodgers will need to fill soon are 3rd base and 2nd base. This is straightforward enough: we sign ARod and make Jeff Kent immortal.

Maybe this is harder than I thought. Dodger scouts have done marvelously with outfielders and James Loney (not to mention Martin). Know any college kids who play 3rd and hit like ARod?

Just asking?

That’s Terrible Baseball

I did scan using Gameday of the last 8 run-scoring innings of the Dodgers. Yes this goes back, like 6 games or something. Only twice did they get two runs an inning. One of those contained a walk and a triple, the other a hit and a home run. The other six innings were one-run innings. One was a solo shot (Furcal’s game winner). Four of the remaining five contained a double.

Only once in 8 innings did they get a run on singles and walks.

Simply put, it is time to forget singles. Sit out Pierre. Furcal, Martin, Ethier, Loney, Kemp to start off the order. Loney started strong and then tailed off sharply. He should be watched closely and coached to hit for power. Just making contact and winning with speed has to end. It must be replaced with hitting the ball hard. Hitting doubles should be a minimum requirement for batting.

Ethier not Pierre

Just a thought: the three best outfielders the Dodgers have are Gonzo, Ethier and Kemp. Why is Pierre playing often?

Seriously, why not bat Ethier number 2 every day? His slash stats are all much better than Pierre’s.