That’s Terrible Baseball

I did scan using Gameday of the last 8 run-scoring innings of the Dodgers. Yes this goes back, like 6 games or something. Only twice did they get two runs an inning. One of those contained a walk and a triple, the other a hit and a home run. The other six innings were one-run innings. One was a solo shot (Furcal’s game winner). Four of the remaining five contained a double.

Only once in 8 innings did they get a run on singles and walks.

Simply put, it is time to forget singles. Sit out Pierre. Furcal, Martin, Ethier, Loney, Kemp to start off the order. Loney started strong and then tailed off sharply. He should be watched closely and coached to hit for power. Just making contact and winning with speed has to end. It must be replaced with hitting the ball hard. Hitting doubles should be a minimum requirement for batting.


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